The Rijeka Suites are situated on a attractive location in the very centre of the city of Rijeka.
The suites are an ideal lodging for bussiness travellers as shops, restaurants, post offices, banks, farmacies, currency exchange offices and other can be found close by.
We dispose of 2 suites for 4 or 6 persons and a 4-bed room.
About Rijeka

The city of Rijeka and its surroundings count about 250.000 citizens. During the 19th century the city developed into one of the biggest Middle-Euroean ports and into a powerful industrial centre while in the 20th century went to become an attractive turistic destination with beautiful beaches distant only a few kilometres from the centre. The suites are situated near some of the most beautiful cultural and historical sites in Rijeka, such as the theater Ivan Zajc, the St. Vid church, the Governor's palace and the palace Modello. In addition to that, the location where the suites are today, once was the residence of a prominent historical persona, Fiorello La Guardia, american consul in Rijeka and 3-time mayor of New York (1934-1945).
In a 15 minutes range by feet is to be found Trsat and the Old City, a well known sanctuary dedicated to Holy Mother of Trsat and a castle which tower opens a view over the city and Rijeka's bay. Furthermore 200 metres from the suites it is possible to get on the Rijeka's very own turistic bus on route to Opatija (also known as the Adriatic Nice and as one of the most popular turistic destinations in Croatia), and the passengers can enjoy the narration on Rijeka's most popular sites in over 10 foreign languages.

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